3 card poker – is the speed of the game and the lack of any strategy.

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Mostly, gamblers can find 3 card poker in the casino, where they can try their hand at playing against the dealer who will represent the casino in this game. Moreover, in most of the online clubs, the commission is only 1.5%. That is, if the player succeeds, then he/she can get a good profit.

How to Play 3 Card Poker in Online Casinos

This game was released in 1994 and gained popularity. The 3 card poker rules are quite simple:

  • They play a standard deck of 52 cards, in which there are no jokers;
  • Combinations must be composed of three cards;
  • The main goal of the whole gameplay is an attempt to beat the dealer, who will also form his combination;
  • The winner (player or dealer) is the participant who was able to collect the best combination.

This type of gambling has similar features with disciplines such as Ante-poker and Para Plus poker.

Hand Rankings in 3 Card Poker

Here players get only three cards, so all combinations are limited to three. This game has its system and hierarchy of poker hands. The highest hand is a combination of three cards of the same suit, which go one after another at their face value. This combination is called a Straight Flush. Then, according to the strength of the combinations, there is a set or a Three.

The third most powerful combination is Straight. Here to form a Straight, one needs to collect three consecutive cards, which can be represented by different suits. Another feature of this poker game is that the Ace here can play both the strongest and weakest ones. By its power, Flush is located immediately after Straight. After comes Pair. Well, the least powerful combination in which the Queen must be present. Such a hand is called an empty combination. Other sets in this discipline are not combinations.

3 Card Poker: The nuances of the Gameplay

Every 3 card poker strategy begins with the fact that players need to create a starting bank. There are two ways:

  1. The Ante is the minimum bet for participation in the game distribution and the formation of the starting bank. The gamblers know the Ante volume in advance. Players receive not only payouts but also various bonuses. In this situation, the Ante plays a rather important role. Concerning standard payouts for winning the hand, they are under the influence of the value of the dealer’s combination, as well as the player’s hand. After the participant managed to collect a bonus combination, he will receive additional payments as bonuses;
  2. Pair Plus – according to this system, the participant will rely on the fact that they will succeed in collecting a pair or a combination higher in rank. When using such a system, the participant’s combination will influence the final result. And payments do not directly depend on the hand that the dealer managed to collect. For the casino to claim victory in this distribution, the dealer must have a Queen. When the dealer does not have a Queen or an older one, the casino will automatically lose. However, the player is not aware of the presence of the Queen, so he can decide to discard until the showdown. In this case, the casino will win. Gamblers should note that they will not be able to exchange the cards received by the player during this distribution.

In this type of poker, there are only three options for making side bets. The first is the same as the Ante. The second is the Pair Plus bonus bet. The third option is a bet (regular bet). Players know the size of Ante and Para Plus before the distribution. Pair Plus is a voluntary bet, at the discretion of the player himself.

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